2024 WIG Adventure

Choose Your 2024 WIG Adventure

The origin of the metaphor "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time" is uncertain. But everyone agrees on its meaning: Daunting tasks can be tackled by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable parts. To achieve our God-Sized 7-year Wildly Important Goal (WIG), we need everyone to start taking small, consistent steps this year. But we don't expect you to know exactly how or to do it alone. The teams of congregants, Board members and staff, that developed the 2024 goals described in the videos and chart below, will equip and resource you, walk with and pray for you!

HEARTS Team - WIG1, WIG 2 and WIG3:

HOMES Team - WIG4, WIG 5 and WIG6:


COUNTRIES Team - WIG10, WIG 11 and WIG12:

Download PDF Version of WIG Adventure Card

Please prayerfully reflect on the 12 options listed above and unpacked in video. Then click START, below, to fill out the online WIG Adventure Selection Card or bring the tear off from your paper WIG Card and drop it in the box at the Welcome Desk during the week or on Sunday morning. We are excited for all God will do in and through us this year as we step out in obedience! We will be praying and equipping you along the journey.