Our Staff

Susan Borst

Ark Children’s Center Director

My Story: I have always felt blessed by God. I was raised in a loving home with a family that I knew would always be there to cheer me on, grew up on 40 acres of beautiful land, and was encouraged to reach for the stars! When I was younger, my parents always made sure we attended mass, participated in CCD classes, and had opportunities for Christian fellowship with friends from our church. I’ll be honest … as a teen I didn’t always value the ritual of early morning Sunday mass or monthly teen breakfast (6:30 a.m. ... before school started in high school), yet they were the very things I looked for when I attended college. It was the familiar ritual that I needed and the start toward choosing to live a more Christ-centered life. Over the years, I have tried to know, love, and serve the Lord with an open mind and heart. I have traveled down many different roads, not always certain where I was going or why I was on the roadtrip, but I do know that by trusting God and with His grace and guidance everything will be great. God has taught me so much about patience, strength, about love and hope, and about serving others. I am in constant awe of His goodness.

Ministry Area: I have served as Director of The Ark Children’s Center since 2001. It has been a pleasure working with such a dynamic staff, meeting so many great “little friends,” and serving wonderful families from our community. My favorite part of The Ark ministry is watching the children grow more confident as they develop friends, learn to use words, and accomplish new tasks. Year after year, I am amazed at how willing children are to share jobs and help solve problems. It has brought me great joy watching the children serve others in our community by “using their hands and opening their hearts” to help others. Their enthusiasm in play, eagerness to learn, and love of the Lord is demonstrated each and every day as the children sing Bible verses, learn new Bible stories, and give praise to God for the beauty in our world.

Family: I share life with my black Labrador, Brody and find joy spending time with my three grown young adults; Brian, Kristina, and Emily.

Favorite Activities: I love new adventures, the outdoors, time at the beach, boating, and gardening early in the morning.

Passion: I love traveling to new places, meeting interesting people and sharing interests with others. I have been blessed to serve in missions with children in South Africa and hope to continue discovering the world and different cultures.

Little-Known Fact:  I like reading on my deck and entertaining others in my home!