"Come as you are,
but stay in your car!" 

Join us for our Drive-in service with live worship and an inspirational message from your car.  Our parking attendants will help you navigate the parking lot and show you where to park. So, drive up, park, tune in, wave to one another, and be encouraged together! 

Don’t worry if this option doesn’t work for you!

We will stream our regular Church Online services at 9:00 and 11:00 am via If you have questions or need more information, contact us. 

This summer, you're invited to experience live worship, inspirational messages and activites at Oakdale. Tell everyone you know to meet you in the parking lot. You know the saying, "come as you are but stay in your car."  If this option doesn’t work for you, watch our regularly scheduled services at 

*Important information

Public health requires everyone to remain in their cars for the ENTIRE service. Bathrooms and other services will NOT be open on campus at Oakdale. The service will be around 60 minutes in total length. People will not be permitted to leave their cars for any reason. We look forward to gathering with you and helping to keep everyone safe during this special service. 

*The Drive-In Service uses a local FM station -a short wave broadcast- that can only be heard on campus.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I be able to get out of my car to find a restroom?
A: No, to keep everyone safe we ask that everyone stays in their car for the entire service.

Q: Can I bring lawn chairs and sit outside my car?
A: No, to keep everyone safe we ask that everyone stays in their car for the entire service.

Q: I don't attend Oakdale, can I still come?
A: YES! This event is for anybody that wants to come worship with us and hear a Gospel message.

Parking Instructions