Meet the Team

Beth Aitken

Board Member

Rockville, MD
My Faith Story: I was raised Catholic and have had the privilege of growing up in church. As a youngster, church was something that was embedded into my life. My family was involved in youth sports, community activities, and Christian education. I found myself always drawn to questions of faith. I found myself pondering God and wondering what belief in God should mean to my life. I had a moment of awakening when I got confirmed at the age of 12. I committed to a personal relationship with Jesus. I got involved with the charismatic community in the Catholic Church when I was a teen. I was given the opportunity to learn to pray and study scripture in a new way. My faith became personal and I began to understand what it means to have Jesus as my Savior and Lord. In my early 20s I left the Catholic Church and began to attend a non-denominational church where I continued growing in my faith and my understanding of scripture. I learned the value of a vibrant Christian community.
I have 7 siblings and 22 nieces and nephews
I have love for learning and serving.
Favorite Past Time:
Reading, hiking, playing volleyball, watching football
Little-Known Fact:
My favorite scripture is Psalm 86:15, “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love.”