Meet the Team

Bryant Hendrickson

Board Member

Hometown: Hagerstown, MD

Family: I live in Olney with my wife Kimberly, our daughter Grace and our dog Legend. We are fortunate that both of our parents and my sisters also live in Maryland. 

My faith story: I was raised in church, but always kept God at a distance. I wanted to be in control of the direction of my life. So once I went to college, I pretty much lost all connection. When I got engaged to Kimberly, I knew I wanted church to be part of our family, but still wanted to maintain control of my life. Looking for a church in Olney we ended up doing premarital counseling with Kevin and Michelle. This was the first time I really felt challenged to take ownership of my faith and worldview. Kimberly got us involved in small groups where I experienced Christian community and began the process of giving my life over to Christ. Turns out the very thing I was avoiding was the most freeing experience I could have. I’ve since been involved in several small groups and volunteer with the high school guys at Oakdale, which are some of the best guys I know. I got married at Oakdale, I got baptized at Oakdale, and the people of Oakdale have been a big part of my story. For that I am very grateful.  

Passion: Striving to build a life and a community pleasing to God

Favorite activities: hiking, relaxing outside with friends and family, getting some exercise

Little-known fact: I've been alligator hunting