Current Series


Miraculous Births

This series of messages will open your eyes to the amazing way God uses ordinary pain and circumstances to bless and build His Kingdom. Come be a part of God’s Miraculous Births.


Birth always comes with hope and promise. Christmas centers on the miraculous Birth of Jesus, but did you know that there are other miraculous births recorded in the Bible? This season we'll examine the incredible hope and promise given to the world through 6 miraculous births including yours!

Wisdom For Your Wallet

Have you ever said to yourself “If I just had more money I could make that problem go away!”? Have you ever lost sleep or become depressed over financial issues? Do you believe having more money would make your life better? These questions and more are why Jesus spoke so often about money. Money represents power and security and status and can cause an enormous amount of suffering in our lives if not handled with wisdom. That is why for the month of November Oakdale Church will be discovering “WISDOM FOR YOUR WALLET” a four-part sermon series to help you and your family faithfully navigate our financial times.

The Power of Hope

God‘s word tells us that hopelessness makes the heart sick.- Proverbs 13:12 We sure live in a heart sick world. Hopelessness is all around us and it is a daily battle to keep hopelessness from seeping into our hearts. This Sunday, join us for a series of messages on how to find hope in these hopeless times. Learn how God wants to put hope back into your marriage, kids and home.