What does sharing my story mean?

We are asking you to become disciple-makers. As a part of this, we want you to begin to be open to starting spiritual conversations. This means to be spiritually obvious without being spiritually obnoxious. Opportunities happen all the time at the grocery store, talking with our neighbors, spending time with friends, around the water cooler with coworkers or even at home with your family.

Have you felt a nudge to tell someone you want to pray for them when they are having a difficult time or enduring a struggle? Or maybe it was to share how your faith helped you when you were in a time of difficulty. This is the Holy Spirit prompting you to spread the Good News!

We want to encourage you to step out in faith. Once you do, whether you think it was a success or failure, we want you to share with your Oakdale Family. Whenever you step out in obedience and have spiritual conversations it is ALWAYS a success. We are called to listen and obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit. God will do the rest after that. When we all share our stories we will encourage each other to continue to be faithful to God’s calling on us to be disciple-makers.

Oakdale Family Disciple-Making Stories

How can you share your story?

We want you to share these stories live at our in-person service. Each Sunday we will have a microphone setup and a time where anyone can come up and share a short story. Be sure to introduce yourself for folks who don't know you already. We will record these live stories and share them with the online audience the following week (with your permission). If you are not able to make it in person, you can record your story using your phone or computer and upload it using the form below. Either way, we know that we will all be blessed to see and hear about all the amazing things God is doing in and through you.


Get to sharing!


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