Discipleship Process

Discipleship Process (Stages of Maturity)

We define a disciple as someone who follows, trusts, obeys and shares Jesus. Discipleship is an ongoing PROCESS of transformation from spiritual immaturity ("self-focused" spiritual infants) to maturity ("other-focused" spiritual parents—that is, disciples who reproduce disciples).

Here are the discipleship stages that Oakdale uses to track spiritual growth:

EXPERIENTIAL: I am deepening my connections with God and His family (the Church) by practicing discipleship habits such as: Worship, Daily Bible reading, Prayer, Small group, Giving sacrificially, Serving, Sharing my story

COMMITTED: I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, told other people about my decision, and am surrendering my life and my will daily to Him as Lord. RELATIONAL I am committed to an ongoing small group and/or one or more personal relationships where I am practicing the habits of discipleship, authenticity and mutual accountability, and my life is being transformed.

INTENTIONAL: I know the stages of spiritual growth (as outlined on this card) and use them appropriately with people I interact with daily so that “discipleship moments” can occur.

INVESTED: I realize that making disciples is my responsibility and can identify my “mission field”: at least one person who doesn’t yet know Jesus or is curious about growing in Christ. I am building a relationship focused on helping them to grow as a disciple.

PARENTAL: I am a disciple-maker—regularly and repeatedly reproducing disciples who have reached at least the “Intentional” stage to reproduce another generation of disciples for Jesus Christ.

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