Local Missions

Our desire is to connect people with volunteer service opportunities in the church and community based on their spiritual gifts, passions, life experiences and personality. The list below are some of the ways we have been serving. With Oakdale’s  mission of taking the gospel into all of life and the commitment of sending out 1,200 disciple makers by year end 2022. With this commitment there has been a refining push to become a disciple multiplying movement. So there are many ways in which we are reaching out into the community individually with prayer walks, discipleship training and service. 

Oakdale's Local Mission teams give you on the ground experiences to connect, grow, obey, and live as Christ-centered disciple-makers. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer, donate or adopt a school, we have an outreach experience waiting for you.  

Outreach Opportunities

Every December the generous members of our Oakdale community provide Christmas gifts for members of needy families in the Olney community.  We fill gift requests from the children and we provide grocery store cards to the parents.  The families are referred to Oakdale by school counselors and local assistance organizations such as Olney Help.  If you would like to participate in this mission, please sign up to purchase a gift for a recipient on the Angel tree using the SignUp Genius link that is provided to the Oakdale community in November.

Community MEALS
  1. Men (Dessert from July to December are needed) - Since 2015 Oakdale has prepared and served dinners to the guests at the men’s shelter in Rockville run by the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless. This shelter provides housing, meals, and assistance with finding permanent housing. Currently 120 – 160 men are served by the shelter. On the first Wednesday of each month a group of Oakdale volunteers prepares and serves dinner to these men. During COVID we prepare and deliver the meal, but we do not go inside the shelter to serve the dinner. Currently we need volunteers to prepare desserts to serve these men. If you are willing to provide a dessert please contact: Nancy Brinch 609-670 6578 or Esther Wang 301-775-1633. Esther or Nancy will arrange to meet you at the church with your dessert. Our volunteers will deliver your dessert to the shelter.
     Learn more.
  2. Women (Dinners from July to December are needed) - Interfaith Works is an organization that provides homeless women short-term housing, meals, clothing, vocational programs, medical and mental health referrals, and connection to social services benefits and housing programs.
    On the fourth Tuesday of each month Oakdale volunteers prepare and serve dinner for 35 homeless women residing at the Interfaith Works Women’s’ Center in Rockville. During COVID we cannot go inside the shelter to serve dinner. Volunteers deliver their food to an Oakdale shelter volunteer at the church on the day of the dinner.
    Volunteers prepare one of the following for 35 women guests:
    1. Entrée
    2. Side dish: starch (i.e. mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese)
    3. Side dish: vegetable (i.e. salad, cooked vegetable)
    4. Dessert and beverage
    If you or your small group would like to support these homeless women, please see the SignUp Genius using the link below sign up to provide a meal item: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040f44a8a69-womens2
    Or contact Esther Wang 301-775-1633 or Nancy Brinch 609-760-6578
  3. Fisher House (November and December Needed) - Fisher House Foundation is an organization that provides housing free of charge to military families who have a loved one in the hospital. Oakdale provides dinner for 8 – 10 residents of the Fisher House Annex in Forest Glenn on the first Monday of each month. Oakdale volunteers prepare a complete dinner (entrée, two side dishes, dessert.) They either deliver the meal to the Fisher House or they bring it to the church at 4:30 on the day of the meal and a volunteer delivers the dinner to the Fisher House.
    If you would like to participate in this ministry please sign up on the SignUp Genius:
    Or you can call Steve Brinch 301-830-3816
    Learn more.
  4. Shepherd's Table -  Learn more.

Not all groups offer childcare, but there are options available. We never want childcare to be a roadblock to your spiritual growth so make sure to let us know if you would like to join a group with childcare. Some groups will have participants share responsibility in watching the children, split the cost for a sitter, or make other arrangements. Learn more.


There is no fee to join a group - just the cost of whatever study the group is reading. We never want finances to be a roadblock for someone's spiritual growth so we offer scholarships for anyone that is in need. All of this is worked out through your small group leader and is kept confidential. Learn more.


Our Access Groups typically meet on our church campus but our other groups meet in homes, restaurants, and coffee shops all across the greater Olney area. We will help you find a group near you based on your interest. Learn more.


Our Access Groups typically meet on our church campus but our other groups meet in homes, restaurants, and coffee shops all across the greater Olney area. We will help you find a group near you based on your interest. 

  • Harmony Hills Elementary - These groups are short term and have a specific subject focus. Their goal is to give people a taste of what group life is all about and to hopefully move those people towards a Small Group or a Learn more.
  • Cornerstone School - These groups are long term and study driven. Here is where you continue to grow in your knowledge of God's Word with goal of moving people towards a Thrive Group or for the entire group to transform into a Thrive Group. Learn more.