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Disciple-Making Movements Training

DMM Training is an 8-week introduction to Disciple-Making Movements. The goal is to help people hear and discern the voice of God and then obey what God says to do. The training focuses on 7 elements that are common among Spirit-led Disciple-Making Movements around the world:

  • Focus on God's Word
  • Multiply Extraordinary Prayer
  • Cast Vision
  • Train Believers
  • Go Out Among the Lost
  • See Groups Start
  • Ongoing Coaching

If you would like more information and/or are interested in being notified of upcoming training dates, contact Anne Jordan,


BOOKS to help you grow as a Disciple-Maker
Disciple Maker by Phil Bickel (free downloadable PDF)
A Discipleship Journey by Dave Buehring
Great Commission Disciple Making by James A. Lilly
King Jesus & the Beauty of Obedience-Based Discipleship by David Young
The Only One by Curtis Sergeant
The Life Jesus Made Possible by Bill Randall
Revival Starts Here by Dave Clayton
Spirit Walk by Steve Smith
Your Part in God's Story by Steve Addison

BOOKS about Disciple-Making Movements
North American context
Contagious Disciple-Making by David L. Watson & Paul D. Watson
From Megachurch to Multiplication by Chris Galanos
In the Way by Damian Gerke
Marks of a Movement by Winfield Bevins (Methodist perspective)
Spent Matches by Roy Moran
Global context
Dear Mom & Dad by R. Rekedal Smith
The Father Glorified by Patrick Robertson & David Watson
Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale
The Kingdom Unleashed by Jerry Trousdale & Glenn Sunshine
Stubborn Perseverance by James Nyman

CHURCHES & NETWORKS focused on Disciple-Making Movements
North American context
1Body Church
Church Project
Contagious Disciple Making (CDM)
Disciple Making Movements Collective
eLife Network
KC Underground
More Disciples
New Generations North America
Global context
24:14 Coalition (Matthew 24:14)
DMMs Frontier Missions
Final Command Ministries
Frontier Ventures
Move Network
New Generations
Team Expansion