Welcome Disciple-Makers! 

This is the place for all things related to our current Disciple-Maker's Toolkit series. We will continue to build it out over the next 8 weeks, so check back regularly for more resources.


Pastor Kevin and Tim's messages will focus on the theme of each chapter from April 7-May 26. We would like everyone to have a copy for their personal use, because there is reading and writing involved in practicing each lesson on your own during the week. You do not need to bring the booklet with you on Sunday mornings.

Everyone who comes to worship at Oakdale in person will receive a printed copy. For online worshippers and others who are interested, you can pick up a copy at the Welcome Center during the week or the booklet is available in PDF format here to view, download, print.



To help you apply the practices in the Toolkit, join us Wednesday evenings on Zoom--April 10-May 29--to ask questions, get tips, be encouraged and equipped.
To go directly to the Zoom room at 7:00 p.m. click here or use this QR code:

Download Workshop Resources 
Conversation Quadrants (PDF)
Meaningful Conversation Starters (PDF)


Catch up on services you missed or need a refresher below:



In their weekly podcasts during April and May, Pastors Kevin and Tim unpack more of the content in each Toolkit chapter. Watch on our YouTube channel or wherever you get your podcasts.

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