Funeral & Memorial Services

We know planning a funeral can be a difficult endeavor. We have pastors and staff that want to help you plan the service that will most bless you and honor your loved one. If you are in need of scheduling and planning a Funeral, Memorial, or Burial service, please contact our funeral coordinator, Michelle Baker. We will work with you to plan the service alongside you and your family. 


Commonly Asked Questions

Types of Service

At Oakdale, we want the service to be what you want it to be for your loved one. It is our goal for the family of the deceased to have a service that is respectful and honoring of their loved one. We will meet with and work with the family, giving guidance and suggestions to create the service that they desire, and to help to make this difficult time go as easily and smoothly as it can go.  

Most commonly, families desire a funeral service (also known as a “Celebration of Life” service) at the church.

If the family desires a service at a funeral home, one of our pastors will come and officiate a service there.

Sometimes, a Graveside Service is all that the family requests. Once again, one of our pastors will be happy to come and officiate a service there.  

Personalized Service Options
Music is very common at a funeral service. We can help you decide on what music you would like (hymns, contemporary Christian songs, a recorded popular song), how you would like it played (live or recorded), if you would like the guests to sing with the song, and if so, how you want the words to the song displayed. If needed, the family can choose their own musicians, or we can help line up musicians for you. If there are any musicians besides an organist or pianist, a 1st technician will need to be hired.

Can we play a slideshow? 
Yes. We are happy to play a slideshow before, during, and/or after the service. This will be discussed when the meeting with the family occurs. We ask that the slide show be formatted as an mp4/720p file. The slideshow must be received by the church at least one day before the funeral. If there is a slideshow, a 1st technician will need to be hired.


Viewing, Receptions & Pastors
A viewing is optional on the day of the funeral prior to the service. Often, a viewing can occur the day before a funeral, but this is dependent on the church calendar. 

Can we have a reception after the service?
Our Fellowship Hall is available to be rented for a reception after the service. The family is completely responsible for the reception, including set-up and clean-up. We will talk about this option during the meeting to arrange the ceremony.

Can we use our own pastor for the funeral? 
Yes, as long as the pastor is a believer and follower of Jesus.

Live Stream and/or Recording
It is our goal to provide you with the option to live-stream and record. The recording of the service will be available to view and/or download for 30 days after the service. In order for this to occur, a 2nd technician MAY need to be hired. This will depend on the day and time of the funeral.

Celebration of Life

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