4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids

 4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids

Sunday, September 24, 2023, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

PARENTING CLASS, Sundays, September 24, 10:30-Noon, for 7 weeks

Joy-filled kids aren’t always happy kids, but they do know how to work for and wait for what is truly satisfying in life. In The 4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids you will discover a tool box full of skills that you can use with your children to help them grow in maturity and live with greater joy. These tools help your kids, from infants to teens, build skills like:

  • Regulating upset emotions so they can return to joy
  • Forming a stable identity that doesn’t change with each new emotion
  • Developing discernment to distinguish between what is satisfying and what is only temporarily pleasurable
  • Discovering heart values and not just living to please others
  • Building “joy bonds” rather than “fear bonds”

The skills you’ll learn in The 4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids will not only help you parent your children well, bu they wil also help you grow joy in your family.

Childcare available (ages 0-5) and will be in the Oasis upstairs Emory Hall (2R in elevator). Parents will meet in the Gathering. Please pre-purchase the book (available on Amazon). You do not need to read anything before week 1.

4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids

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